Horses for sale - Horse #10378, Horse name: Levante LVII, Main specialization: Dressage, Country: Czech Republic, Nearest big city: Prague, Breed: Andalusian, Birth year: 2013, Sex: Stallion, Growth (cm): 0, Colour: Foxy
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CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Czech Republic CZE
NameLevante LVII
Published byBarbora Kalinova
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  Levante LVII 

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1. General
Modify date08.01.2016 20:10
*CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Czech Republic Czech Republic
*Sale status
For sale For sale
*Horse nameLevante LVII
*Main specializationDressage
*Price class10000E-20000E

2. Breed information
*Birth year2013
Growth (cm)

3. Pedigree information
Country of BirthHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Czech Republic Czech Republic
Stable of Birth
Levante LVII   

4. Location information
Nearest big cityPrague
Location map

5. Information about experience
TemperamentNot specified
Have got competitions
Optional specializations

6. Contact information
Contact phone+420603152000
Contact personBarbora Kalinova
Internet pagehttp://Prague 6

7. Additional information
Additional informationThe easiest and calmest boy with the most amazing character - see his videos and many photos to prove it! This is a very special boy who will make somebody truly blessed. Very reasonably priced to make it easier with import fees and to find him his dream home, which he is ready to go to.
Levante was bred and born in Spain and carries the brand of Yeguada Muela Ayala. His bloodlines are the functional lines of Francisco Lazo Diaz (famous Albero II). The big plus with Levante, other than his character and height and color, is his sporty movement. He lacks the issues that this breed could have like soft back, weak hind end, low quality canter and walk. Levante moves with a strong hind end and power from behind, with an uphill tendency and plenty of suspension. He has an excellent back and good balance. A favourite of my Grand Prix dressage trainer and rider. Given this, he would be great for somebody who would like to do some sports with him, be it a professional rider or an amateur, but we do not want to limit his options. He is so special that he could be suited for whatever your heart desires.
Levante will be quite tall. He has a full brother, Jardinero, who is about 166-167 cm tall, a year older. Levante is only about 161 cm tall now, however when we took xrays in Spain at a prestigious clinic, the head veterinarian, the owner of the clinic, was surprised at how open still his growth zones were at 2.5 years old and said he would still grow a lot. We are expecting him to grow slowly and for a while still and become quite tall. We have 12 clean Xrays in hand. His full brother has been competing in Spain at ANCCE morphology shows this past show season with very good results.
Levante also has a big advantage of being handled daily since we bought him last summer. He has done everything imaginable - swimming in the lake, walking in the woods on long nature walks in hand alone or with another boy, free jumping, gentle groundwork, some gentle lounging, he has had saddle and rider on his back but only for a very brief time to get him accustomed to it but not more due to his young age still. He has taken to all of this as a pro, we never ever had an issue with him. He is so easy and incredible in his character, very calm, safe, affectionate towards people. The local children pet him and run around him all the time, see video attached. This video was taken when he was 2.5 years old and we did it in a way to show how Levante handles new things - most of these things were done with him for the very first time! You can also see more photos and videos on our website Levante is now living with 7 other boys of various ages without any issues on 7 hectare pasture and is always very happy and very loving.
We are offering this amazing PRE boy to the very best home only because he deserves the very best. Very gentle and easy and very loving guy ready for his soulmate. ANCCE/Spanish Passport in hand, inscribed in the Pura Raza Espanola Studbook in Spain, eligible for revision with Spain. For more information you can look at our website or at our friends and clients Rancho del Lago in Texas who will be happy to provide references for us or even help you with the purchase. We have just exported two girls to them to US and are very happy to help you with this export so the experience is an easy and happy one for you. Please contact us if interested. Thank you.

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