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Dear Jumper! Keep in mind that this is beta version. Release version will contain several copetition modes, some Grand Prix course presets, Personal / International Cup scores, multilingual support and ability to train your own horse kind. That is why results will be revoked, when will the full version of the game.
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20 Sweden Sweden218
21 Monaco Monaco208
22 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan202
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27 Switzerland Switzerland174
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29 Croatia Croatia151
30 Norway Norway147
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4 Austria AustriaPLeo129764417725.12.2014 21:29
5 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon128747413422.09.2014 23:15
6 Netherlands NetherlandsNiet-geregistreerde gebruiker126795443813.12.2014 21:37
7 Austria AustriaPL126739409422.12.2016 21:29
8 Austria AustriaPLeo125756412519.04.2016 21:39
9 Austria AustriaPL125768420221.12.2016 20:31
10 Austria AustriaPL124764418319.12.2016 21:11
11 Slovenia SloveniaKK CeljeRocco 1122707384227.04.2017 18:21
12 Russia RussiaMar K121685376821.03.2017 15:41
13 Colombia ColombiaSara eCrazy118757406123.08.2012 02:15
14 Austria AustriaBroLeo118766415729.11.2013 00:41
15 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon117687384928.12.2016 02:01
16 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon116745414118.06.2014 19:45
17 Slovenia SloveniaKK CeljeRocco 1116705389123.04.2017 19:13
18 Slovenia SloveniaUnregistered user115693368811.04.2017 17:49
19 Iran Iranmohammad khatamipollyana115721402706.12.2017 13:22
20 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon114699383223.04.2014 02:45
21 Hungary HungaryMLMr. Blue114658376721.07.2015 19:02
22 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon113652361724.09.2014 01:31
23 Slovenia SloveniaLejlaCaya112658356127.10.2017 16:07
24 Great Britain Great BritainImanoCharlie.m111676364803.09.2013 00:11
25 Great Britain Great Britainzoe nfever110702381523.08.2012 17:08
26 Hungary HungaryUnregistered user110656364105.08.2014 22:03
27 Hungary HungaryUnregistered user109668374401.09.2014 02:58
28 Hungary HungaryBicikeDragon109661370209.01.2016 23:37
29 Hungary HungaryMLClassic109640366201.06.2016 14:51
30 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon108638352619.04.2014 21:07
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