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Boeckmann Comfort
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1. General
Date of registration:12.10.2018
Modify date:12.10.2018
Name of vehicle:Boeckmann Comfort
Type of vehicle:Trailer
Model of vehicle:Boeckmann Comfort
Manufactured in:Germany
Year of manufacture:2004
2. Measurements
Net mass (kg):2000
Gross mass (kg):680
3. Parameters and equipment of stalls for horses
Stalls quantity:Two
Stalls orientation:Not specified
Ladders (quantity; orientation):Ladder on end of box
Video options of stalls:Not specified
Lighting of stalls:General Lighting
Air vents:Local vent for every stall
Windows in block for horses:One per every stall
Conditioner in block for horses:Not specified
Nets for hay:Only mounts for nets
Antipanic attachment for leash:Not specified
4. Engines information
Based on chassis:Knott
Hitch lock:Not specified
Passive break system:Not specified
Additional hitch:Not specified
Trailer board material:Plastic
Trailer top material:Plastic
5. Information about room
Room for accompanying:Not specified
Onboard equipment room:Inside equipment room
6. Information about sale
Sale status:For sale
Price class:-
Additional information about sale:
Продаётся Böckmann Comfort 2004 год в ИДЕАЛЬНОМ состоянии, только из Германии
7. Transfer information
Transporting horses to order:Can be hired with driver
Local transportation (till 200 km):Not specified
Feeding horses:Not specified
Сustoms clearance of horses:Not Specified
Service on maintenance of horse:Not specified
Service on loading:Not specified
Transporting equipment:Not specified
Insurance:Not specified
Transportation to one-day event:Not specified
8. Information about rent trailer / truck
Rent trailer / truck:Vehicle can't be rented
9. Contact information
Contact email:sa61@yandex.ru
Contact phone:+79520528130
Contact person:Anton
10. Additional information
Additional information:
Продаётся Böckmann Comfort 2004 год в ИДЕАЛЬНОМ состоянии, только из Германии
11. Access to card
Message mode:Allow to post messages to this card
Security mode:Everyone can read card and comments