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◄ Stables
ДоВольный Конь
Fotos(1) ▼
3. Veterinary options
Veterinary clinic:Not specidied
Veterinarian:Present. Charge
Pharmacy supply:Pharmacy free for tenants
Infirmary:Not specified
Inspection of horse:For request
X-ray machine:Not specified
Vaccination:Not specified
4. Living service
Personal locker:Present. For free
Personal room:Not specidied
Personal house:No personal house
Personal strongbox:Not specidied
Shower:Not specidied
WC:Present. For free
Room for equipment:Present. For free
Parking:Parking for free
5. Training infrastructure
  • Showjumping
  • Breeding
  • Esthetic
  • Workhorse
  • Just horse
  • Pony
  • Showjumping obstacles:Training set
    Dressage borders:Not specidied
    Eventing obstacles:Not specidied
    Walkers:Not specidied
    Springartens:Not specidied
    Solarium:Not specidied
    Swimming pool:Not specidied
    Forest access:Full access to forest
    Fields access:Full access to fields
    Water access to river or lake:Full access to water
    Equipment shop:Not specidied
    Lighting:Total lighting
    Audio broadcast:Not specidied
    Video broadcast:Total broadcasting
    6. Food service
    Food sevice:Not specidied
    Food dispenser:Not specidied
    Kitchen:Not specidied
    7. Entertainment
    Restroom:Present. For free
    TV / DVD:Not specidied
    Internet:Present. For free
    Arbor:Not specidied
    Playroom:Not specidied
    Playground:Not specidied
    8. Contact information
    Location:Россия, Ульяновская область, Мелекесский район, поселок городского типа Мулловка
    Contact email:stik_v2@bk.ru
    Contact phone:+79272735822
    Contact person:Людмила Владимировна
    Internet page:https://vk.com/konnye_progylki_mullovka
    9. Additional information
    Additional information:
    Р/п Мулловка Ульяновской области в 10 км от города,хорошая доступность общественного транспорта,пастбище,левады,плац 40*60м,денники 3*4м
    10. Access to card
    Message mode:Allow to post messages to this card
    Security mode:Everyone can read card and comments