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Horse Game
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Dear Jumper! Keep in mind that this is beta version. Release version will contain several copetition modes, some Grand Prix course presets, Personal / International Cup scores, multilingual support and ability to train your own horse kind. That is why results will be revoked, when will the full version of the game.
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1 Austria Austria505
2 Hungary Hungary496
3 Russia Russia421
4 Slovenia Slovenia417
5 Great Britain Great Britain404
6 Iran Iran383
7 Finland Finland355
8 Colombia Colombia349
9 Netherlands Netherlands338
10 Denmark Denmark298
11 United States United States291
12 Germany Germany288
13 Brazil Brazil283
14 France France282
15 Greece Greece274
16 Armenia Armenia248
17 Italy Italy235
18 Belgium Belgium229
19 Poland Poland229
20 New Zealand New Zealand221
21 Sweden Sweden218
22 Monaco Monaco208
23 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan202
24 Canada Canada196
25 Ireland Ireland189
26 Spain Spain188
27 Switzerland Switzerland168
28 Latvia Latvia161
29 Croatia Croatia151
30 Norway Norway147
Total 229:
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Best 4 riders with unique IP are presenting their countries. Their best scores are summarized into total team score

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1 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon151944526714.07.2014 00:17
2 Slovenia SloveniaUnregistered user131811433612.04.2017 17:50
3 Denmark DenmarkElizabethGolddate130783431201.02.2018 20:43
4 Austria AustriaPLeo129764417725.12.2014 21:29
5 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon128747413422.09.2014 23:15
6 Netherlands NetherlandsNiet-geregistreerde gebruiker126795443813.12.2014 21:37
7 Austria AustriaPL126739409422.12.2016 21:29
8 Austria AustriaPLeo125756412519.04.2016 21:39
9 Austria AustriaPL125768420221.12.2016 20:31
10 Austria AustriaPL124764418319.12.2016 21:11
11 Slovenia SloveniaKK CeljeRocco 1122707384227.04.2017 18:21
12 Russia RussiaMar K121685376821.03.2017 15:41
13 Colombia ColombiaSara eCrazy118757406123.08.2012 02:15
14 Austria AustriaBroLeo118766415729.11.2013 00:41
15 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon117687384928.12.2016 02:01
16 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon116745414118.06.2014 19:45
17 Slovenia SloveniaKK CeljeRocco 1116705389123.04.2017 19:13
18 Slovenia SloveniaUnregistered user115693368811.04.2017 17:49
19 Iran Iranmohammad khatamipollyana115721402706.12.2017 13:22
20 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon114699383223.04.2014 02:45
21 Hungary HungaryMLMr. Blue114658376721.07.2015 19:02
22 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon113652361724.09.2014 01:31
23 Slovenia SloveniaLejlaCaya112658356127.10.2017 16:07
24 Great Britain Great BritainImanoCharlie.m111676364803.09.2013 00:11
25 Great Britain Great Britainzoe nfever110702381523.08.2012 17:08
26 Hungary HungaryUnregistered user110656364105.08.2014 22:03
27 Hungary HungaryUnregistered user109668374401.09.2014 02:58
28 Hungary HungaryBicikeDragon109661370209.01.2016 23:37
29 Hungary HungaryMLClassic109640366201.06.2016 14:51
30 Hungary HungaryBiciDragon108638352619.04.2014 21:07
Total 69756:
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