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Horse Game
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Country Russia RUS
Trailer / TruckDodzh Grand Karavan
ModelNot specified
$$$Not for sale
TransportingCan be hired with driver
Day trans.Transportation to event available
RentVehicle can't be rented
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  Dodzh Grand Karavan 

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1. General
Modify date16.02.2015 16:03
*Country Russia Russian Federation
*Name of vehicleDodzh Grand Karavan
*Type of vehicleTrailer
Model of vehicleNot specified
Manufactured in Germany Germany
*Year of manufacture2005

2. Measurements
Net mass (kg)800
Gross mass (kg)2000
Total height (cm)210
Total width (cm)160
Total length (cm)300
Total width of block for horses (cm)80
Total height of block for horses (cm)
Total length of block for horses (cm)
Height of stall for horse (cm)
Width of stall for horse (cm)
Length of stall for horse (cm)

3. Parameters and equipment of stalls for horses
*Stalls quantityTwo
Stalls orientationLongitudinal
Ladders (quantity; orientation)Ladder on end of box
Video options of stallsNot specified
Lighting of stallsNot Specified
Air ventsLocal vent for every stall
Windows in block for horsesOne per every stall
Conditioner in block for horsesNot specified
Nets for hayOnboard nets for hay
Antipanic attachment for leashNot specified

4. Engines information
Based on chassis
Mileage (km)1
Trecker (for trailers)
Hitch lockNot specified
Passive break systemNot specified
Additional hitchNot specified
Trailer board materialNot specified
Trailer top materialNot specified

5. Information about room
Room for accompanyingNot specified
Room options
Onboard equipment roomNot specified
Additional information about roomнет

6. Information about sale
*Sale statusNot for sale
Price class-
Additional information about sale

7. Transfer information
*Transporting horses to orderCan be hired with driver
Transportation to one-day eventTransportation to event available
Local transportation (till 200 km)Region (till 200 km)
Country transportation (more than 200 km)Transportation across country is available
International transportationNo international transportation
Feeding horsesNot specified
Price for coming to client
Price per km for local transportation
Price per km for global transportation
Price for transportation to one-day event
Price for driving without horse
Price for day of downtime
Сustoms clearance of horsesNot Specified
Service on maintenance of horseNot specified
Service on loadingNot specified
Transporting equipmentNot specified
InsuranceNot specified
Additional informationЦена о перевозе лошади договорная в зависимости от дальности и времени поездки...

8. Information about rent trailer / truck
*Rent trailer / truckVehicle can't be rented
Rental price per day ($)
Bail additional information

9. Contact information
Contact phone89268393001
Contact personVADIM
Nearest big cityМосква
Locationг. Химки
Location map
Internet page

10. Additional information
Additional information

11. Access to card
Message modeAllow to post messages to this card
Security modeEveryone can read card and comments

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