Stable Z/S "Zviedru Birzes zirgi"
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Horse Game
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$$$For sale
Paese Lettonia LVA
Stable name engZ/S "Zviedru Birzes zirgi"
Stalls eng40
Fields eng1
Specialization engAllevamentoAllevamentoAllevamento
Competitions engAllevamentoAllevamentoAllevamento
Forest engNot specidied
Fields engNot specidied
Water engNot specidied
Food service engNot specidied
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  Z/S "Zviedru Birzes zirgi" 

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1. Generale
Data di pubblicazione16.10.2017 23:05
Stato di venditaFor sale
*Paese Lettonia Lettonia
*La città più vicinaKurmene
*Stable name engZ/S "Zviedru Birzes zirgi"
*Stalls eng40
*Fields eng1
Price ($) eng0
*Specialization eng
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    4. Veterinary options
    Veterinary clinic engNot specidied
    Veterinarian engNot specified
    Pharmacy supply engNot specified
    Infirmary engNot specified
    Inspection of horse engNot specified
    X-ray machine engNot specified
    Vaccination engNot specified
    Additional vet. information eng

    5. Living service
    Personal locker engNot specidied
    Personal room engNot specidied
    Personal house engNot specidied
    Personal strongbox engNot specidied
    Shower engNot specidied
    WC engPresent. For free
    Room for equipment engPresent. For free
    Parking engParking for free
    Additional liv. information eng

    6. Training infrastructure
    Competitions eng
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  • Showjumping obstacles engNot specidied
    Dressage borders engNot specidied
    Eventing obstacles engNot specidied
    Walkers engNot specidied
    Springartens engNot specidied
    Solarium engNot specidied
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    Forest access engNot specidied
    Fields access engNot specidied
    Water access to river or lake engNot specidied
    Equipment shop engNot specidied
    Lighting engNot specidied
    Audio broadcast engNot specidied
    Video broadcast engNot specidied
    Additional infrastr. information eng

    7. Food service
    Food sevice engNot specidied
    Food dispenser engNot specidied
    Kitchen engNot specidied
    Additional food information eng

    8. Entertainment
    Restroom engPresent. For free
    TV / DVD engNot specidied
    Internet engNot specidied
    Arbor engNot specidied
    Playroom engNot specidied
    Playground engNot specidied
    Additional ent. information eng

    9. Informazioni di contatto
    PosizioneKurmene, Latvia
    Il tuo indirizzo
    Numero di telefono+37120221207
    Contact person engRuta Lindkvistere-Rasi?a
    Un indirizzo internet

    10. Ulteriori informazioni
    Ulteriori informazioniStud farm in Latvia!
    A paradise for breeding horses.
    Countryside with lots of grazing land. A large, light stable and a mare band that produces beautiful and talented foals.
    Used mares are the result of many thoroughly wellbred generations and they are waiting for further possible development
    through new capable and resourcefull hands.
    The stud farm, horses, stable and land is sold as a whole. Mares are a valuable gene-pool and have proven their worth
    with high calibre offspring and export horses. Best known is Grand Prix level jumping mare KS Coradina that competes internationally and
    took part in FEI World Cup Final in Las Vegas 2015. Now is ridden by Maria Madenova.
    Belonging to the stud farm ZBZ are at the moment 10 mares for breeding, 10 foals, 6 one-year-olds, 3 two-year-olds. Also
    2 mares for sale, 4 and 6 years, a Welsh Pony stallion and a work horse. The stable has 40 large boxes and room for more.
    Now is time for changes. Convenient time to repair, to improve on fences and paddock planning. You can set your individual
    mark on the stud farm! Situated in south Latvia, by car 80 min. from Riga.

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