Horses for sale - Horse #13839, Horse name: Alfreð from Hørslev, Main specialization: Just horse, Country: Denmark, Nearest big city: Aarhus, Breed: Icelandic Horse, Birth year: 2018, Sex: Stallion, Growth (cm): 140, Colour: Black
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CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Denmark DNK
NameAlfreð from Hørslev
SpJust horse
BreedIcelandic Horse
Published byBetina Pedersen
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  Alfreð from Hørslev 

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1. General
Modify date25.03.2019 14:08
*CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Denmark Denmark
*Sale status
For sale For sale
*Horse nameAlfreð from Hørslev
*Main specializationJust horse
*Price class10000E-20000E
Price11000 EUR

2. Breed information
*Birth year2018
Growth (cm)140
BreedIcelandic Horse

3. Pedigree information
Country of BirthHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Denmark Denmark
Stable of Birth
Alfreð from Hørslev   

4. Location information
Nearest big cityAarhus
Location8000 århus
Location map

5. Information about experience
Have got competitions
Optional specializations
  • Just horse

  • 6. Contact information
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    7. Additional information
    Additional informationTotal hot fabulously descent

    Dk2018100283 - Alfreð from Hørslev Blup 124 with an outstanding pedigree.

    Alfred is a wonderful natural unique black male horse with a nice performance. Both parents have 8,5 and 9 for mind and will. He has an amazing build and shows the five gaits incredible fantastic. If you look at the Worldfengur, you will see his family in the top worldwide. Alfreð is Absolutely a stallion with many options to reach the top, like his parents, including crowning and contests.


    Young stallion: Young stallions who is 3 or 4 years old, must get a building review. A one years old have a limited permission to 8 mares on following permissions. The young stallion needs to have a “afstamningsbaseret avlsindeks BLUP PR. 1.1. indeværende år) on min. 120, based on elected parents inclusive the judgment (“bør genfremtstilles” ).

    Mother: Sol from Sunsberg total 8,41 Swedens highest elected 5 years 2010

    Grandfather: Isar from Keldudal is in 2015 elite competition and honour prized for offspring. Isar from Keldudal is elected with a total on 8,51 with 9 for trot, 9 for ambling, 9 for gallop, 9 for will and mind, and 9 for ( ). Besides he has countless of national positions. Isar from kedudal is the stallion after the stallion Kelilir from Miðsitju, who is elected with a total on 8,63. His mother Ísold from keldudal is elected with a total on 8,32. Both parents are elite competition horses.

    A little extract of the siblings to Sol: Viking f. Österåker and Mozart f. Sundsberg became world champion in procreate for 6 years old stallions and number 3 to world championships in procreate for 7 years old and older stallions in 2015. Vigdis from Sunsberg world highest elected 4 years old 2013 (Avlchampionat 2013 tot 8.38)

    Djörfung from Solbacka total 8.57 World Championships 2013
    Kátína from Kepp tot. 8.51 as 4 years old highest elected 2018

    Father to Alfred: Jón from Tyrevoldsdal tot. 8.35 Jon was the most used stallion in 2017 and has in an young age already 109 offspring whereof we presumptive see the firste much exciting offspring for elections in 2019. There are many more elitecompetions horses in top in Jons descent.

    Grandfather: Viktor from grandfather world championship 2009 tot. 8.73 was in the top on the world league table 2010/2011/2012

    There are a lot more world champions horses in the top from Viktors legacy.

    Siblings to Jon: Jódís from Kronshof World Championships 2017 total 8.58 2017
    Hákon from Engholm total 8.48 as 5 years old, Júlía from Tyrevoldsdal 8.26.

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