Horses for sale - Horse #13043, Horse name: 2 sportpony's New forest, Main specialization: Showjumping, Country: Netherlands, Nearest big city: Amsterdam, Breed: New Forest Pony, Birth year: 2013, Sex: Mare, Growth (cm): 146, Colour: Not selected
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CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Netherlands NLD
Name2 sportpony's New forest
BreedNew Forest Pony
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  2 sportpony's New forest 

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1. General
Modify date08.03.2018 18:28
*CountryHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Netherlands Netherlands
*Sale status
For sale For sale
*Horse name2 sportpony's New forest
*Main specializationShowjumping
*Price class10000E-20000E
Price12000 EUR

2. Breed information
*Birth year2013
Growth (cm)146
ColourNot selected
BreedNew Forest Pony

3. Pedigree information
Country of BirthHorses for sale, ponies for sale, stables, trucks, trailers, job, feed for horses Netherlands Netherlands
Stable of Birth
2 sportpony's New forestSamba Boy   
  • FEI Passport
  • National Sport Federation Passport

  • 4. Location information
    Nearest big cityAmsterdam
    Location map

    5. Information about experience
    TemperamentNot specified
    Have got competitions
    Optional specializations
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Pony
  • Showjumping

  • 6. Contact information
    Contact phone+31642904374
    Contact personHofman
    Internet page

    7. Additional information
    Additional information2 Very talented New Forest sportpony’s for sale:
    * 5 year old grey mare (born april 2013)
    Official height: 1.46 m.
    Sire: Samba Boy X Valentino
    Competed at L2 dressage level. Which is the highest she is allowed for her age at the moment. Ready for the (Dutch) M2 level (shoulder in/walk pirouette/counter galop).
    Competed in the B showjumping classes and made ready for the L level at the moment (90 cm). Has been clear every round (will never stop). This pony is very well trained and behaving. Although she is still young, she is easy to ride, very willing to work and has a positive attitude towards people and other horses. This pony is definitely a pony that will reach the highest dressage (FEI) and showjumping level and has a fabulous future ahead in the sport.

    * 6 year old beautiful brown gelding (Born 2012)
    Official height: 1.45 m.
    Sire: Wellhouse Sportsman x Offem Minos
    Competed at M1 dressage level and L showjumping but can easily do more. Jumps very easily and has a lot of power in his jumps. Experience in hacking out and cross (eventing). Has a beautiful showjumping technique and will therefor also be suitable as a hunter. Has jumped over our fences into the fields which is 1.30 meter high. Xrays available and 100% okay. Was a licensed stallion until the age of 4 and has some offspring. Now the perfect gelding.

    Healthy pony’s, vetted in 2017 and 100% correct. Both are taken to lessons every week and have experience in hacking out. No (stable) defects or unwanted behavior. Both ponies can be ridden by experienced but also less experienced riders.

    Based in the North of Holland.
    For a video or more information please email or send a text/whatsapp message to +31642904374

    8. Access to card
    Message modeAllow to post messages to this card
    Security modeEveryone can read card and comments

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